Make Every Second Count

It is important to produce high-quality content. If necessary, delete anything that you think may not contribute to your video. You need to be more selective with video clips that you will include in the final editing. Choose only the best shots (and trim out moments of dead air) to catch your viewers’ interest and make them watch your entire video.
The important thing you need to put in your mind is always put your shoes to your viewer and question yourself: will they like this or not? Then, create what you want them to see.

Start with Simple Editing Software

In editing, it is not necessary to use advanced software (like Final Cut Pro). If you’re new to video editing, it is recommended to use simple programs like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. You will find these easy to use as these are user-friendly. Also, these are easy to download (for free) if you don’t already have one on your computer.

Optimize Your Videos

Optimizing your content to help it gain rank on YouTube is another secret in giving your video more visibility. After you publish your first video, make a catchy and descriptive title that viewers are likely to hook on— and don’t forget to include your main keyword or key phrase. Take this for an example, “Hawaii Birthday Travel Vlog 2018” is a more appealing title than “Hawaii Here We Go!”
Also, to help your video to be put under multiple related categories you need to use relevant tags. When in doubt, try watching other videos in competition and check what kind of tags they are using. Lastly, create a good descriptive caption of at least 200 words and include your target keywords, synonyms, and long-tail keyword variations. This will not only help your viewers to figure out what exactly your video is, but it will also help your video rise up in the rankings in search engine result pages.

Build Your Network

On YouTube, in order to be successful, you need to make a connection and collaboration with other users. In other words, you need to make an effort to build your network. Collaborating with other creators is proven effective in helping your channel to grow and gain new subscribers. In collaborating, you will gain exposure to the other’s subscriber base.
Interact with the other creators and make friends. Don’t be afraid of reaching out to larger YouTubers to inquire about possible collaboration. It may seem to be so intimidating (it surely does), but you will not get anywhere unless you try.

Connect with Your Viewers

Your followers will slowly increase over time and you will get more comments from your fans. You’ll eventually receive messages on your personal social media accounts or even get fan mails. If possible, make time in connecting with your beloved viewers. Since social media accounts are an extension of your channel on YouTube, try sharing little information of your life on other popular sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Be responsive in any tweets, comments or messages you get from them.
This kind of interaction is very important in growing online camaraderie. Liking your content is not enough—- they must like you and give their overall experience with your channel.
Interacting will not only help you in building your relationship with them but also helps you gain inspiration for new content ideas. They can be your drive to go on despite all the difficulties your facing in sustaining your channel.

Ignore All the Negative Comments

Whether your channel is big or small, there will always be negative comments that you’ll receive. After all, YouTube is crawling with ruthless people hiding under dummy accounts. No matter how good the content you make and effort you put in making your channel, there will always be people who will fire their ammo full of hateful comments to you and even try to bring you down.
In this case, you should not let them affect you. Take their attacks as a reminder that you cannot please everyone. Instead, seek strength from those who appreciate you and your work in order to move past the negativity and continue producing content for them.

Upload Videos Regularly

Lastly, be consistent in uploading your videos. No matter how you think your work is imperfect, it’s important to keep uploading new content.

You may publish videos once or twice a week just like other YouTubers. The latter even let the viewers know about the schedule so the viewers can look forward to it. This strategy gives a channel a bigger chance of getting a steady flow of views. Once you find a schedule that is convenient for you, stick to it. You should improve so that you can gain more attention in no time.