No doubt about it as YouTube remains one of the most famous websites in the world of the internet. Viral music videos, comedy sketch, pranks or tutorial eventually finds its way on YouTube.

Just how popular is YouTube? Way back December 2016, an amount of 44 videos garnered billions of views, and four of them surpassed two billion. Who wouldn’t remember Psy’s “Gangnam Style” that makes the people around the world dance on its beat?

Although the site remains as viewing of video clips, there are a lot of things you can do with it. Here are the 10 hacks that can make your YouTube experience even more enjoyable.

1. Make GIFs

GIFs are very popular nowadays, it’s a quick way of delivering witty or funny lines via social media or messaging app. Now, you can easily make GIFs on YouTube.
There are ways of doing it.
The first way is to visit the page of GIF Maker from GIPHY. You should copy beforehand the link of the video you want to use from YouTube. It can be any video that should be shorter than 15 minutes.

After the video loaded on GIPHY, enter the point of the video where you would like the GIF to start, and the seconds you would like it to last. You can do it manually at first, and then you can use a slider tool that can conveniently set up the beginning and endpoints.

After you created the clip, you can add text like meme or captions across the screen or the bottom. Then, after clicking “Create GIF” you are finally all set.

The other way is, you can add “gif” before the word “youtube” in the video’s URL. This will take you to The site will allow you to set the length of the GIF and put text on it.

2. Find Easter Eggs

To make your YouTube more fun, the site has a couple of tricks or “Easter eggs” you can use.

One of the best tricks is this: type “doge meme” in the search bar of YouTube. What will happen after I do this? It will give the site a new and much more colorful font throughout the pages.

Another trick is this: type in the search bar “do the harlem shake”. An icon of the pause button will appear next to YouTube’s logo in the top-left corner. The logo of YouTube will start bouncing to the beat of the music. Once the bass drops, the page will instantly do an exploding effect.

The last trick is this: type on your keyboard (not on the search bar) the word “awesome” while a video is playing. Next, cool flashy colors will appear on the player.

3. Use Videos for Karaoke

Everyone loves to sing-along with their favorite music videos on YouTube. Now, you can sing a song like in a karaoke-style here on Youtube.

If you are using Chrome, install the Musixmatch Lyrics for free as a YouTube extension. The extension uses the programs’ extensive catalog of lyrics coming from many songs. It will sync the lyrics to YouTube videos, in time with the music.

This is a fun tool to enjoy karaoke with your friends and family.

4. Share Videos at a Specific Time Signature

This is a simple and useful trick you can use on YouTube. If you want to share a video with your friend and don’t want to have a hard time timestamping the important part you want to share, there is an easy way of doing this. Simply, you need to play the video and then pause it to where you would like it to begin. Next, do a right-click on the video. Here, click this phrase: “copy video URL at the current time”.
And that’s that. When the link you shared was clicked, the video will start playing to where you saved the point.

5. Add a Watermark to Your Videos

If you are a vlogger on YouTube and want to personalize your videos with your brand watermark, there’s an easy way to do it.
To do this, firstly, click the icon of your account on the top-right side of the site and tap “Creator Studio”. On the menu, select “Channel” and then click the word “Branding”. You can click “Add Watermark” from here. This will bring you to a screen where you can upload a file from your computer.

A reminder from YouTube, the best watermarks use transparency and have only one color.

6. Add Clickable Image Cards to Your Videos

Click the icon of your account and then select “Creator Studio”. Click the uploaded video that you like to add image and then select “Edit”. Next, click “Annotations”, select the point of the video where you like the image to pop out or appear.

Tip: Before uploading on YouTube, you need to include the image in the video beforehand.

For external annotations, you need to make sure that you enable your account. Here, you need to select “Add Annotations” and click the option for “Spotlight”. A box will appear, drag it to the image you like to be clickable. Finally, select “Link” and you can add the site’s URL you like to link to.

7. Use YouTube TV Mode for Large Displays

Sometimes, you just like to watch videos from YouTube on a bigger screen than your smartphone, tablet or laptop. If that is the case, you can use YouTube TV mode in doing this.
Using this mode, you can watch any videos on your smart TV or projecting it on the wall with high-quality resolution.

8. You can Put Visual and Audio Effects to Your Videos

You can add visual effects to your videos on YouTube.
All you need to do is, first, choose the video that you like to edit from the Video Manager. There, select “Edit” and then click “Enhancements”. From here on, you can edit videos’ lighting, saturation, and contrast. Also, you can slow down a video, and even speed it up.

In adjusting the audio effects, click“Edit,” but this time, choose “Audio”. Here, you can use audio options that YouTube offers for your videos.

9. Identify Music in YouTube Videos

Sometimes, you want to know the name of the music or what kind of background music is YouTube using. To know, just copy the URL of the video and paste it on the site of MooMash and, then, let it do the work for you.

Just wait for few seconds and the site can finally tell you what piece of music appears on the video and what point the music plays on the video.

10. Slow Down Tutorial Videos

A lot of people who are having trouble with something go to YouTube to watch tutorials. While the tutorials are very useful, the videos can sometimes be hard to keep up with its speed.
YouTube creates a built-in feature that users can use easily. To slow down a Tutorial video, click “Settings” and then select “Speed”. You can slow down the video to your preference: either 50 percent or 25 percent of its original speed.

On the other hand, if the video you’re watching is slow for you, just click “Setting” and then select the “Speed” to run twice as fast as normal.

With all these tricks, you can now enjoy YouTube anytime.