May 13, 2020 – Blogging has taken off like the proverbial thunderstorm over the past few years and in 2020 it is estimated that the number has reached 2 million. Now depending on your specific situation and need this is a useful tool to rejuvenate an old blog or even a website that remained untouched for a long period of time. Blogging is fun and can easily rejuvenate your business or even a brand. Let’s look at blogging for beginners to make this somewhat daunting new venture fun and at the same time get an edge over your competition that may have used this in their business models.

The following is vital steps to lay a solid foundation to successful blogging.

  • Identify your niche
  • Choosing the ideal platform for your blog
  • SEO research
  • The right keywords
  • Connect with other bloggers

Ready? Let’s have fun and see how this easily can launch your product, service or brand on the path to becoming even more lucrative than before.

Identify Your Niche

Let’s assume for the sake of simplicity that your niche market is fashion. The first thing is to decide on which sector of this huge market your interest lies. Is it the huge market for average fashion, is it the teenage market or the more lucrative high-end couture sector?

No matter which sector of the market you choose the basics are the same. The questions you need answers to are the following:

Who is going to read your blog?

What are their demographics?

What is their preferred style?

Who are the current favorite designers in this sector?

What is their income group?

Identifying your target group is the essential first step in growing a loyal and dedicated group of followers. Growing the number of followers is the road to expanding your blog

Choosing The Ideal Platform For Your Blog

Step one in blogging for beginners has now been identified and the next step in the process is choosing the best platform for your venture. The majority of bloggers need a platform that is easy and at the same time intuitive. WordPress tick all the boxes for most beginner bloggers.

Why WordPress?

It is an open-sourced platform for bloggers with the following features:

Lightweight and lean

User friendly for the less technical new bloggers

Remember to always limit the number of plugins you use in your blog as this may slow your blog loading time and will make readers leave your site.

SEO Research

One of the most important aspects to get right the first time is to make sure your SEO strategy will grow your online presence and following. This is where blogging for beginners can influence the success of your new blog.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is extremely important as it involves you selecting or picking the most applicable keywords and allow your blog to get as close to the first page when a potential viewer does a google search. Another vital aspect is that your blog must be mobile friendly to widen your audience.

Now how do we do this?

The right keywords

To understand the process required in blogging for beginners we need to master the art of picking the most suitable keywords. What are keywords? Simply put it is what viewers type into google when searching for a product or service. In may instances this could either be a word or even a short phase such as, “who sells high-end couture in Miami”.

Using a keyword finder is a great tool to use but a word of caution, do not overuse keywords in you blog as this could result in Google penalizing you and could also make your blog a bit boring.

Ensure your blog is mobile friendly

Testing your blog using your own mobile device and even those of family members is not only important but a vital part of blogging for beginners to understand. Why?

You can check loading time and general appearance of your blog.

See if some plugins need removing.

Check for large image files and also for auto play features and pop-up advertising.

Ensure that buttons are easy to allow viewers to click with their finger.

Both internal and external links

When mastering the art of blogging for beginners you should include as many links to relevant outside sources as possible and at the same time link back to any past personal blogs that can make the message you blog about more relevant and dated. 

Interact With Fellow Bloggers

With all the above steps complete it is time to blog and connect with not only other bloggers but also creating a new following. Links to blog of other bloggers is one way to increase your own followers. Always add a link to your blog in your comment signature, this way you will be found a lot faster.

Remember clicks will increase the traffic of your blog and this in turn will allow you to improve your rank with search engines.