April 21, 2020 – In this article, you will learn the practical know-how of the basics on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. If you think about SEO  or “search engine optimization”, what would you think? You probably may think about how your website ranks on Google. However, SEO is not for the website anymore! It can be found in social media, like LinkedIn. How can you do it? It is through LinkedIn profile optimization.

Identifying the Right Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile

In LinkedIn profile optimization, the first step is to identify the keywords and phrases your buyers use when searching for your products and services. The marketing department is the best place to start with. 

If you, as a  solo entrepreneur, or your marketing department doesn’t have a list of keywords, there are many tools you can use to identify the keywords. Some of these are the following:

LinkedIn Profile SEO Tips

There are two things that LinkedIn looks into: how many times someone uses the words in their profile and how they rank based on the searcher’s network. Search results are unique to each network and individual. With this case, here are some tips to focus on LinkedIn profile optimization: 

  • Connect with Relevant ProspectsName Your Headshot
  • Label your Background Banner
  • Use Text in Your URL links
  • Include Keywords and Phrases in Your Headline
  • Emphasize Value in Your About Section

1. Connect with Relevant Prospects

What does this have to do with SEO? It is for the reason that LinkedIn looks at how you are connected to the “searcher.” It is more likely that your profile will show up on a LinkedIn searcher’s first page of results if you are a first-level connection. So it is the key to connecting with prospects. 

2. Name Your Headshot

Rename your headshot before uploading. Put it with relevant keywords you identified. When people search for those keywords, your photo will show up.

3. Label your Background Banner

Just like your headshot, you should make sure to rename your banner before uploading it. Make sure to include the two or three most important keywords to you.

4. Use Text in Your URL links

You can list three website links in your contact information section. The label field by default auto-populates with “Company Website.” Instead of leaving “Company” in the drop-down menu, choose to pick the “Other.” Now, you can add keywords and descriptions where you take the links.

5. Include Keywords and Phrases in Your Headline

Your profile headline is not your job title. Instead, put there and show who you help and how you help them while naturally including keywords and phrases about your area of specialization.

When editing your headline on the desktop, your headline is limited to 120 characters, but on a mobile device, you get an additional 90 characters. The extra characters can give you a huge advantage to include keywords you want to be found for.

6. Emphasize Value in Your “About” Section

You should remember that your LinkedIn profile About section should be buyer-centric. There, emphasize your value to the reader.

We say at Vengreso, “Make your LinkedIn Profile a Resource, Not a Resume.” 

Including the right buyer-centric keywords is the part of making it a resource so that your prospects can find you and access your content.

Though LinkedIn profile optimization is vital, the flow of your About section is even more critical. The story you tell and the insights you provide are very important. A buyer-centric profile and credibility.