You might be thinking, “Wow. How can I stand out when the crowd is so huge? Nobody will see me, notice my work, or care that I’m alive.”

I feel your pain.

Competing in a blogosphere populated by tens of millions of people is pretty intimidating. Unless you can stand out, you might as well publish your work on a wall in your basement.

There are worse odds, though.

Take the Powerball Lottery here in the U.S. There are 175,223,510 possible combinations to choose from. Which one will win? What are your odds of picking the right one from so many? It’s less than the chance you’ll be struck by lightning twice in your lifetime. You’ve got a one in 9 million chance of that.

You can’t just do what all the other bloggers are doing and expect to stand out.

You can’t even copy the greats and gain an edge.

You’ve got to be willing to think like an entrepreneur — take a risk, go somewhere you’ve never gone before, and do something important.

Are you ready to throw away everything that is holding you back? Much of it is fear:

  • That you’re not good enough
  • That people will think you’re a fraud
  • That your work won’t be absolutely perfect

Let’s dispel those fears right now.

1. Be Disruptive

Don’t be shy. Do something unexpected. Interrupt people with something so awesome they’ll talk about it for weeks, months, and even years!

Handwritten notes are remarkable in this digital age.

Phone calls and video conferencing are better than text messages and emails.

Do an unexpected, generous favor for someone and you’ll have more impact than money can buy.

2. Be Dynamic

Our world is constantly changing.

People resist changing what works. Take the newspaper business. Who would have thought in the 1990s that the Internet would grow as big as it has?

Shopping malls were busy 25 years ago. Last Christmas season, my daughter and I shopped in one that felt like a virtual ghost town.

Vinyl records were the prime way to buy music three decades ago. Now you can buy CDs for next to nothing at any pawn shop.

I’m currently hosting and producing a YouTube interview show called The Thriving Writers Show. One of my guests remarked, “You’re doing something remarkable here. I don’t know of anyone else who is doing this.”

That may be true.

I feel it’s innovative because:

  • My audience gets to see, hear, and experience my guests as much as I do.
  • They can interact with him or her by making comments and exploring what they have to offer.
  • They get the valuable information they can apply right away to change their futures.

Be willing to explore new frontiers. Do something that isn’t tested and proven. You might be pleasantly surprised at what happens!

And you’ll stand out while doing it.

3. Be you

Remember that no one else can bring your unique voice to the blogosphere. Don’t copy other bloggers you admire, especially their style of writing — just be your own authentic self. People love that. By spotlighting her quiet personality, Glori is bringing a different attitude to blogging than many of the brash, snarky, in-your-face blogs we all know. That’s fresh. Your unique point of view won’t get “mixed in” with everyone else’s. The trick is to find your slant, your position that stands out. In a world of brash bloggers such as The Blog Tyrant, Glori’s idea is different.

4. Write a mission statement

Too many blogs discuss every topic under the sun. It’s hard to build an audience around that. Focus your blog — write down what it will be about. Then, put that mission into the headline or tagline of your blog, and stick to your subject. Wandering off topic tends to make readers leave.

5. Learn how to write blog headlines

I’ve reviewed hundreds of blogs, and only a handful knew how to write strong, attention-getting headlines. Strong headlines are an easy way to stand out. This is a specialized skill that’s worth taking time to learn.

6. Write your ass off

That’s how you will learn to write a compelling post that conveys your ideas — simply doing it, over and over. Clarity of expression comes from a ton of writing practice.

7. Talk to your readers

Most blogs are all about the writer — they’re like an online private diary. Which is generally boring as heck. Instead, focus on readers. Find out what readers need and how you can help, like. Then, deliver that. You’ll immediately set your blog apart.

8. Connect with influential bloggers

They’re appointed by the current crop of bloggers who already have big audiences. They can mention you on their blog or retweet you, or you might guest post on their blog, and find a ton of new readers. Your voice can be fresh and vital, but without someone powerful turning a spotlight on it, you could blog away in obscurity for a long time.

Final thoughts

You now know the simple and powerful ways to make your blog stand out in a super-crowded blogosphere.

You can share your message with confidence, knowing that you’ve packaged it in an attractive, magnetic and powerful way.

You’ll build traction because you can use these strategies every time you write, publish, and communicate.

Now go dominate your space with a power-packed message that touches hearts, changes lives, and opens doors!