Don’t know what kind of gift to give to the cinephile of your life? Since DVDs are pretty much bitten to dust, here are suggestions that surely delight movie lovers.



Did you know that in Star Wars, the stormtroopers were originally all going to wield lightsabers? Or in 1983’s Return of the Jedi, the lake of lava was going to surround the Emperor’s throne room? There’s always more to learn about the Star Wars universe. TASCHEN’s 600-page Star Wars Archives will treat you to a gorgeous trip through the original trilogy, complete with high-quality production photos, unused concept art, script pages, and storyboards, all detailing production behind each film.


The 2018 model VIZIO SB3621n-F8M 36″ 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System 

A beautiful movie won’t be appreciated much if you can’t hear the film properly. This Vizio soundbar will bring that cinema theater experience in your house with a compact sound system that turns any movie (or television series, games, etc.) into a totally immersive experience. You’ll never see—or hear—Frozen 2 quite the same way again.


Gemmy 39127-32 Deluxe Airblown Movie Screen Inflatable,

11.5 Wide X 144″ Screen 12 feet Height (with Storage Bag)

You can turn a movie party even at your house with this gigantic inflatable movie screen that can be blown up for either indoor or outdoor use. You can sit back and relax while watching a terrifyingly vicarious screening of Jaws. The measurement of the screen is 12 ft in height and 11.5 ft across, so there won’t be a bad seat (or flotation device) in the house.


Roku Ultra from Amazon

With Roku Ultra, you can give a gift to your friend that has unlimited entertainment. This device is compatible across any device (including smartphones and tablets). It has over 300,000 movies on demand. In addition, using this device it’s easy to access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and hundreds of other streaming networks.


QKK Movies Projector Found on Amazon. 

The projector from QKK is a small, easily be moved for both indoor and outdoor screenings, and it comes equipped with HDMI, AV, VGA, and SD card port. This means that you’ll be able to screen movies and TV from your laptop, TV sticks, and Blu-ray players. And this makes a good pair with the inflatable movie screen up above.

Hex Bags camera backpacks – $190-$240

If you don’t know what to gift, you can give your filmmaker friend a bag. For filmmakers, a good camera bag is a necessary accessory for anyone who is shooting with something other than their phone. For this, Hex Back Loader DSLR Backpack and Hex Cinema Backpack are great options that are actually less expensive than some of the bigger brand options out there. However, they look less fashionable as it looks like something designed for function alone.

SD cards and Backup batteries– Starting at around $40

These things are easy gifts to give to the video creators, and surely they’ll love it. These never go out of style and which will always be appreciated by video creators. With these as gifts, your friend will have enough spare memory cards or enough backup batteries. Just a reminder, make sure you get the right backup batteries for whatever camera system your giftee is using. For the memory card, focus on cards like the SanDisk Extreme Pro with 170MB/S transfer speeds to ensure good performance with 4K video capture.

GoPro Hero8 – $400

Everyone would go crazy to have a GoPro on their hands. This is an extremely versatile piece of kit for a video creator. The GoPros ruggedness, portability, built-in stabilization and range of modes mean that you, as a videographer, can capture some amazing additional footage to compliment stuff you’re recording on your primary camera – or give you everything you need to capture a great travel vlog at the moment. The newest GoPro Hero8 has many features like advanced stabilization, compatibility with additional video accessories, digital lenses and more. This makes it the best camera the company has ever made for creators.

Microphones – $25-$200

Not only you need a good video to film but also a good microphone. A microphone is necessary for making good quality videos, and there is a wide range of options available. I’ll give you a few options at very different price points. Take a look at the Saramonic SR-XM1 that is worth $35, and is very simple with a 3.5mm connector to plug directly into the camera port on a wide range of devices. Saramonic also makes mics for iPhone with lightning connectors for similar prices. Then, the Rode Wireless Go is worth $200. This is more expensive than Saramonic. But still, it’s a great bargain for a totally wireless microphone system that can provide audio directly to your camera. Pair this with an optional lavalier mic and you’re going to get marvelous results.\

Mavic Mini – $350

Mavic’s latest drone is worth $350. Mavic Mini is way cheaper than any of Mavic’s fancier consumer drones, and it offers a really excellent 2.7K video that looks cinematic right out of the camera. For those video content creators publishing on social channels, who aren’t concerned about producing 4K content, (no one really should be prioritizing that, really), this is the one to get, since it doesn’t need to be registered with the FAA because of its size.

Samsung T5 – $100-$400

The small, portable SSDs of Samsung has a long history of delivering great reliability and performance in a form factor that’s so portable it’s easily pocketable. The drives come in sizes: from 500GB to 2TB. And this, you should be able to find them on sale. It is a must to have a good SSD for offloading video captured in camera on SD cards, and some of the newer cameras will let you record directly to these drives via USB-C.