A blog is a short term for “weblog”. This refers to a written journal online. How does this begin? This started as a mini personal site that is used by people to put their stories, opinion, essays, and other writings. They can also include photos and videos on their blogs. What is blogging? As the web grew, developed, and changed, blogs have gained more exposure. These days, blogs are used for business, networking, news, and other means. To know what is blogging, below are the following keynotes that you should know:

  • How Do Blogs Work?
  • Blogging for Fun
  • Blogging for Profit
  • Modern Popular Blogs
  • Getting Started Blogging
  • Why People Blog?

How Do Blogs Work?

Blogs are written by bloggers in a series of posts. They are sorted into categories so readers can browse them with ease. The focus of the blog depends on the topic or theme. It is sometimes about food and cooking, news, product reviews, celebrity gossip, etc. Though a lot of people are taking advantage of blogging, most of them are not knowledgeable about what is blogging and how it works.
Connecting you to a relevant audience is the main purpose of a blog. Another purpose is to boost your site’s traffic and send leads to your website.

What is blogging? It is done in many ways

1. Blogging for Fun

This becomes a site where people share their thoughts and ideas. People post updates of their life, family, jobs, hobbies, or interests. This kind of blog has a limited readership as most people have no interest in the day-to-day lives of strangers.

2. Blogging for Profit

Many blogs are made for profit. The advertisements are placed and located on either the sidebar or posts. The bloggers are being paid per page view. Some bloggers are successful and making a hefty profit, on the other hand, the majority of that group makes mere pennies.

3. Modern Popular Blogs

As the audience taste changes, popular blog topics tend to rise. The topic tends to come and go, currently, most popular blogs you’ll see on the internet are for fashion, political, food, travel, parenting, DIY, and pets.

Getting Started Blogging

You can start creating blogs by joining any free sites. All you need is a topic. What is blogging without a topic, right? Think of a topic that you want to write or feature. Medium, Blogger, LinkedIn, and Tumblr are some common sites where you can write your blog. If you prefer to post your blog on your site, you can try WordPress. Though WordPress software and many of its themes are free, you still need to buy your domain name and hosting.

Why People Blog?

There are many reasons why people start blogging. Some do them because they want to share interest through words. But some do it to establish themselves as subject matter experts in the chosen field which leads to more customers and sales. You can earn money through blogging.
Lastly, guest blogs are on authoritative and sites with high traffic. They often employ it to bolster SEO and links for other websites.