To keep engagement coming, your brand should always deliver new content consistently. Most would resort to recycling posts over and over again. This may work for some time but in the long run, your social feed will grow stale and your followers will lose interest.

Here are some social media ideas that will keep your Facebook feed fresh, whether you are a small or big brand. 

1. Do a daily, weekly or monthly series 

This will not only pick your followers attention but it will give them the message that you care about them. Series are a great way to listen to your audience’s pains and concerns. It will allow you to interact with them and make your feed look more spontaneous.

A series should be done regularly for it to be effective, if you don’t have the time for this then regular series is not a great starting point for you.

2. Run a Contest 

Freebies will always get people’s attention no matter the age, location or status.

A study conducted by Tailwind revealed that 91% of Instagram posts with more than 1,000 likes or comments are related to a contest. Furthermore, it was noted that accounts who regularly run contests grew 70% faster than accounts who did not run any contests.

These are what you need to successfully run a contest without a third-party:

  1. Something to give away: This should be related to your brand. Mostly this can be a free product or free membership which will turn the audience into a long-term follower and not just a freebie-seeker.
  2. Terms and conditions: Not only will this make your content legitimate it can also cover you legally. This must also include the point of contact, where people can get in touch for their questions or concerns. Always provide a contact email in your Terms and conditions page.
  3. A creative way to enter: Since the contest is for brand awareness asking followers to post about your product or brand is the best way to encourage entries.

3. Host an AMA

AMA or ask me anything series is a great way to educate and engage your followers. This is a Q&A session where you share insights, knowledge, and experiences. You can share success stories and even personal challenges. This will compel audiences to your brand. AMA is a great way to raise brand awareness without being salesy or too pushy.

4. Vine-style Video clips

Video content may seem complicated but with the share that it gets you should start giving it a serious thought. Incorporating videos to your social media ideas can grow your engagement exponentially. 

Do a bite-sized video clip, it can be shot in a matter of seconds. It’s great to keep followers entertain because it’s short and creative.

5. Repurpose Your Content

Every blog and video content you have are rich resources for social media content, repurpose them as quotes to be shared to your social media account. For the full-length videos, you can create bite-sized video clips from them to pick your audiences’ attention.

With all your available blogs and videos you can create a library of shareable content! It allows your audience to see your otherwise ignored posts in a different light, keeping them entertained.

6. Team Up With Another Brand

 This is a win-win situation because both of you will get exposure. Co-marketing will sync up your efforts either for a webinar, an e-book or even a special promotion. Make sure you partner with a brand that will complement your products and services. A brand that is not your competitor but has a similar target audience as you.

7. Go Live

Most people would spend longer times watching Facebook Live videos as opposed to pre-recorded ones. Something is compelling about live video.

 Live video can be an avenue to educate your audience or answer their questions. Responding to people in real-time helps establish a personal connection with them. Plus, this can be repurposed in the future for YouTube or “sneak peaks” on Instagram.

8. Give Customers the Spotlight

Give your customers a shout-out not just retweeting them when they mention your brand. Find ways to highlight loyal customers. You can have weekly programs to recognize your most loyal follower (hook this program up with a cool prize). 

Recognition will make followers loyal to your brand, encouraging them to share your content and promote your business on your behalf. 

9. Do a Poll

People love to share their opinions. Polls are one way to get a pulse from your followers. Polls don’t need to be sales-related or too formal. Since social media represents conversation, through a poll you will know your followers’ feedbacks and listen to them. A simple question-based post is a good way to informally poll your audience.

10. Share a Milestone

Most importantly, be willing to share and celebrate your brand’s successes and victories with your followers. Highlight your wins and let your followers know if you’ve been featured in a major publication or you reached your sales goal or excited for a new person to join your team, basically anything happy news or positive changes.

By sharing these moments, you are showing the human side of your brand while increasing brand awareness. Remember social media isn’t only about your products but also telling your brand’s story and showing what you’ve accomplished as a company.

These are just a few of the many social media ideas that you can use to keep your feed fresh. Give some of these ideas a try and see how it will change the way your followers and audience engagement to your brand. Feel free to mix and match, you don’t have to use everything as each idea has limitations when it comes to time and resources. But surely, one out of the 10 will work for your brand. You don’t have to feel forced to adhere to one type of content because options are available. Maximize your content to help you interact more closely with your followers.