Are you planning to launch your own Facebook page for your business? Here are some tips that will help your business page grow

March 31, 2020

If you have your own account already, all you have to do is go to to create your own page. You can only create a business profile if you are not registered on Facebook. According to the rules of Facebook, you cannot have both personal and business accounts. If you don’t have a personal profile then you might want to create your own business account that has two benefits: sharing and advertising.

  • Sharing: You can share the account you created with your colleagues, even though they do not have their own accounts on Facebook.
  • Advertising: Administering advertisement is possible in this account. Without this, there is no way that you can share advertising progress or even allow another admin to check the status without giving your personal account to access it. Another thing, if you want to manage more than one page—the platform Facebook only allows one billing method at a time, per account, whenever you’re going to advertise.

1. Creating a Name for your Page

You need to be careful in creating a name for your page. You need to mind that once you gained hundreds of fans, you will not be able to change the name of your page anymore.

2. Prepare contents

Before inviting your friends, you need to prepare first your content. Once you have signed in and choose a name for your page, you need to choose a category for your page. Facebook will take you to the steps of, firstly, uploading your profile picture, and next, inviting friends. You can skip the latter step for now as you will be able to invite other users any time (see tip no. 6).

3. Appropriate applications

To make your page more dynamic, Facebook has many free applications that are great for managing the content on your page. Recently, Facebook has removed the Applications Directory. But, you can now search for the application easily by going to the main search bar and then filter (click on the Apps on the left bar to do this). The installed applications are managed through the Edit page, then go to Apps. Here are a few applications that can be useful for your business account:

  • Reviews: When starting a page, you need to garner reviews from your loyal fans to bring credibility to your business. This will also increase your fan growth.
  • Social RSS: This allows you to create tabs that will display news feeds from any website you choose. This is a great opportunity for you to add a company blog.
  • YouTube Video Box: Many different applications are there that are very useful in managing your YouTube videos display on your page.

4. Landing Tab

The landing tab is one of the important things you should do before announcing your page or inviting fans. Go to your setting, there you can choose which tab people will land on when they come to your page. You will have the opportunity to engage new visitors with a call-to-action to like your page or offer incentive for becoming a fan if you create and design a specific landing tab for your page. This will surely increase your fan growth significantly.

5. Invite Customers to become Fans

There are two ways of announcing the launch of your page. The first method is this: go to your Edit page, then to Resources, click the Tell your fans, then you can upload a CSV file from your database. The second way is when viewing your page, use the “invite friends” option so you can let your Facebook friends know. However, you should know that neither of the two ways can create messages, email or notifications. Hence, the effective way to announce your page is directly doing it (announce it to your database/clients) through sending emails with a link to your page.

6. Custom domain

You can create your custom Facebook URL after you gain 25 fans. But, you need to be careful. Just like what is stated on tip no. 2, you need to create the name of your page carefully because once you set it, you’ll never be able to change it.

7. Social Plugins

Now that you already have your Facebook page, you need to include Social Plugins on other marketing channels (like your website and emails) in order to turn your customers into brand advocates at every touchpoint.

8. Post Regularly

Next, you need to post regularly because posting randomly will leave a negative impression on your page visitors and will affect your reach. On the other hand, posting too frequently has an adverse effect on the engagement on your Page.

9. Respond to All Comments

This is important for your page. According to, only 30% of brands respond to their comments. You need to respond to ALL comments. Also, you need to make sure your settings under Manage Permissions allow people to post on your Page. Your Page needs to turn on ‘messages’ in order for people to send private messages.

10. Invest in Your Page

You need to invest in your page like Facebook Ads. Include this on your marketing budget to help your likes, visibility, engagement, market your products or services, promote events, etc. increase.

11. Cross-promote

A strategy you need in order to increase your Page visibility is you need to tell people or advertise to them about it. Also, don’t forget to put on your page your link from your personal Profile. Try promoting your Page on other social media networks, your website, on your business card, marketing material, events and also on the newsletters.

12. Bonus Tip

Don’t put everything on Facebook. Although Facebook can be a great marketing tool, your page still needs to be supported by other channels.