LinkedIn is a professional social media site considered to be the largest on the InternetRather than where you will share information related to what you ate that day, or how cute your dog is, LinkedIn is about meeting other professionals and building contacts. As such, it is actually perfect for promoting your business and for promoting your LinkedIn video. The people on LinkedIn want to network and they want to learn more about what you are offering. In many regards, LinkedIn may be one of the best places to promote your video. The good news is, promoting your video on LinkedIn is highly effective.

Currently, 29 per cent of all Internet users are on LinkedIn. It is a website that has millions of people visiting it every day and the people who do tend to be college educated and have high incomes. That means they are the perfect person to reach for your LinkedIn video. Roughly 31 per cent of men who are online use LinkedIn, and 29 per cent of women online use the site.

LinkedIn Video Method

Putting a video on LinkedIn is relatively easy and works much in the same way as posting a video to YouTube. Essentially, you take a video link, probably from YouTube, and you post it as a link on the site. The People connected to you are going to see the link on their own feed, much like how Facebook works.

Another method is to use LinkedIn Pulse, which is the blogging and long-form article service provided by the social media site. You can embed the video directly in there, and talk about it, to drive traffic to the hosted video sharing website.

The third method of sharing a video on LinkedIn is to have it on your LinkedIn profile page itself. When people look at your profile, they will see the video right there. It can be a great way to market yourself, your business, or just the video itself.


If you want to promote your video on LinkedIn, keep these options in mind.

1. Video Requirements

There are no requirements in the video sharing on LinkedIn. Since it is embedding and sharing directly on LinkedIn, the only restrictions are the ones on the video-sharing site itself

LinkedIn Video Requirements

2. Video Stats

The only way to find out how your video does on LinkedIn is to go to your YouTube page and see where traffic for the video is coming from. If it is coming from LinkedIn, then YouTube will tell you.

LinkedIn Video Stats

3. Promotion

LinkedIn does offer sponsored posts on the feeds of your contacts in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Promotion

4. Demographics

LinkedIn has a smaller base of users, but they are highly active on the site. The majority are college educated, employed and make a high income. It is split evenly among men and women, and all age groups.

LinkedIn Demographics

5. Pros and Cons

The main positive of LinkedIn is the fact that the people who are dedicated to using the website. They are also highly active.Also, you can reach a large portion of people thanks to the embedding of the video on the LinkedIn feed. The con is the fact that you can’t just add people. You have to be connected to them somehow professionally. This limits the amount of people who will see the video.

LinkedIn Pros and Cons