LinkedIn Content: Tips That Can Make Your LinkedIn Content Superstar

April 02, 2020

Having trouble attracting audiences to read your LinkedIn Content? As a content provider, the main struggle aside from creating content is to accumulate audiences to see or read it. How will you stand out amongst the LinkedIn content providers? Here are some tips that can make your LinkedIn content superstar:

  • Get Your Video On Give People Reasons to Engage: Headlines
  • Deepen the Relationship with a Strong CTA
  • Be Consistent
  • Comments Make Content

1. Get Your Video On

If you have videos you created—or are inspired to make one—there are a few places to use video on LinkedIn. You can place the video on your profile/page, in the LinkedIn Publisher, LinkedIn Learning (payment is needed) or Newsfeed Posts

Note that these videos can be uploaded through links from other sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream, etc.

In creating short LinkedIn video, you should think of LinkedIn content that share information like the brand storytelling, a case study, business introduction videos, behind the scenes, infographics, updates, business events, meet the team, and FAQS

2. Give People Reasons to Engage: Headlines

To reach individuals on your LinkedIn page, it is critical or essential to have an intriguing and relevant headline.
In fact, advertising legend David Ogilvy once said this:

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.”

On top of content, you need to keep your headlines snappy, clear and creative. Well-written and strategic headlines are your secret to standing out from the crowd and among your co-content creator for n amazing LinkedIn content.

3. Deepen the Relationship with a Strong CTA

The start of making a content successful on LinkedIn is by creating great content that draws readers’ attention.

Sometimes, people don’t achieve their full content potential because they do not ask readers to take that next step with their call to action. CTA or call-to-action is essential in content creation. The key to successful social media is to drive action to your reader, not to create LinkedIn content that sits.

4. Be Consistent On Your LinkedIn Content

It is very crucial for your success in LinkedIn engagement is to be consistent with it. Think and pick a consistent time and days to post so that your followers will know when and where to expect the connection with you.

Creating a LinkedIn content schedule can help you build up an audience. If you post on the same day and time each week, it makes it easier for your audience to get into the habit of tuning in. That trust can possibly turn into conversations and sales.

5. Comments Make Your LinkedIn Content

There is no better place to make connections and engagement than in the comments section of your posts.

Believe it or not, comments can make the content as you can strike up some great conversations that lead to post ideas. As you put yourself out there and converse with your audience, they can pose questions and make comments which you can use to create relevant LinkedIn content closely tied to their interests, questions, and needs