In social media, sitting at the peak of the video platforms’ summit is the site called YouTube. The known site has contents in any form of social media and news. Contents are made by anyone with great interest and very enthusiastic when it comes to sharing something new. It can also be access to the latest music and movies. However, the history of its beginning and the boom of its success is very different and apart from one another. In this article, I will discuss how YouTube affected me and what YouTube means to me.

Can you remember how YouTube begins? It was one of the very helpful sites on the internet around that time. It gathered videos from users on the internet that had something interesting to share. This soon became known around the world for it’s the home of a large sum of funny videos, music, vlogs and a place to discover a lot of amazing things. Yet thinking back, there was really no special thing about YouTube at the beginning. 

In the early days, it wouldn’t come across your mind on sharing your idea of your latest attempts at Yoda as social media aren’t as popular as it is today. To put it bluntly, YouTube was nothing but like a bucket—- not a vault—- as it did not present the spices that YouTube has today.

The reasons which compelled me to stream YouTube back then were different from now. It’s either I was linked to some funny videos or my friend recommended me to watch some new videos of some random guy talking about ‘daddy-long-legs’ or kids doing some stupid stunts. I could say it was a great time. The laughter that this site brought to me made its trademark around the world as a one-stop-shop for hilarious videos. Other people may have different experiences and memories of YouTube than me but that time was a treasured moment.

But how did YouTube drastically change from that state into a colossal platform in social media today? Was it the change in the site’s layout or improvement of the system or something else? These changes are exactly the reasons that I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

The evolution of YouTube started in the last few years. The evolution brings us now so much quality content with channels that provide hilarious videos, teach us new knowledge or sharing us people’s amazing adventures around the world. Single source of all hosted videos seems never cross anyone’s mind back then. Instead, producers hosted their videos on their own websites like Rooster Teeth. Rooster Teeth is a producer who released its content on its website which is different from the idea of channels that YouTube had. 

The versatility of YouTube lies within its simplistic page design that offers to the users a lot of features they could use.

The number of features released by YouTube over the last few years has scaled from video qualities, 60 FRS or 3D video. Although with all of these fresh features YouTube had, I think that these weren’t responsible for making me consume more time on streaming on this site. Instead, let’s say a new video was uploaded to where I subscribed on and which I will watch daily but due to the large volume of other videos on YouTube, this was buried among the contents. But over the times, good video contents are now rising to the top.

These same sentiments are shared by other platforms wherein they have a large amount of content on their sites. An example of this is in some various apps stores or marketplaces on mobile platforms. It is only a slim chance for these apps to be downloaded or be seen, not unless it has its ways to push to the top.

Although this hasn’t been the case, you could say that Youtube’s content recommendation algorithm could be accountable for bringing new waves of suggested videos. I don’t know when I became so consumed on exploring the YouTube platform but one thing is for sure that others are doing the same thing as I did. 

The video content that I have streamed were all has good feedback and consumed by hundreds of thousands of viewers, if not more than millions of it. Over time, chances are that some of these constant releases of new videos find their way straight to the top over consumption from their associated audience and then trudge its way to ‘recently uploaded videos’ in a fast way. This is all thanks to the subscribing system which has the role of informing interested users about new content. Rooster Teeth podcast released a video weekly and audio podcast which is watched live, as well as being available on YouTube attracts more than a thousand viewers. 

The channels that are associated with those videos accumulated a lot of viewers over time and through the power of social media, the views increase more through the auxiliary shares. Of course, additional help to the channel is being introduced by that viewer’s based having the same shared interest; this is where the recommendation engine enters. 

I always find myself on this platform streaming endlessly through the contents provided by the small sets of channels that I subscribed to. There are only a few videos that I don’t watch. I stream on YouTube as I would on any other social media website as I satisfy my hunger for more interesting and related content.

Millions or billions of videos on YouTube are still yet to be seen or will never be seen by you or me. Yet, above all, this site provides a link to popular videos that keep us afloat in this eternal sea of contents. But of course, it is worth noting the cause of all this unprecedented growth and usage of YouTube is because of its curator or vloggers. These content curators are rewarded by YouTube in bringing a lot of viewers. Prominent users like PewDiePie is setting the standard for video output and which is the reason for the future-payment to all popular content curator; a thing that ten years ago didn’t exist and seems far from reality.

Other channels may have its ease of finding its way to the upper echelon of this platform however this does not apply to the others. 

Without having people exploring in the depths of the sea of videos, all of those thousands or millions of uploaded videos will eventually gather its dust and may never be seen again. A very interesting way that gives a big factor for new videos to be introduced to the mass is going viral outside this site (e.g. Reddit, Buzzfeed or Facebook). 

This system is a great way of potentially making new videos into popular. However, this does not apply to all. Naturally speaking, in order for a video to stay relevant, it needs to maintain its quality or its views will sink deeper into the ground. 

Youtube has evolved for the past few years and escalated its way to the upper echelon of social media. Whether by accident or not, the way users stream and share videos allow YouTube to be the ultimate video platform. However, it allows specific users, who produced extraordinary content, to rise to a higher observable level in the video stream just like the users KSI and Zoella. These two completely showcase different styles of video that fill the gap in the video culture’s new trend.

The future of the internet lies in mediums like YouTube and great content producers. I’m looking forward to what the year 2017 holds for Youtube, for its curators or vloggers and what else can it provide to spice up the world of entertainment.