1. Monthly Active YouTube Users

According to Statista (2019), YouTube’s monthly active users have 1.9 billion users worldwide. As of April this year, the information of the most popular social networks worldwide and the number of active users per month is given by Statistica. The competing social network that has more monthly active users than Youtube is Facebook. 

To put it simply, the people who logged in to the site at least once per month are the monthly active users. This is important to mention since there are lots of people who watch videos on YouTube without using Google accounts. The statistics about YouTube users can be very valuable to marketers in 2019. There’s an active market, that marketers have the potential to tap into when the users that logged-in every month, to watch videos on YouTube, went up to 2 billion. Since a large portion of users visits YouTube every single day, this platform proves to be great for your digital marketing efforts. 

2. YouTube –The Second Most Popular Social Media Platform

According to Datareportal (2019), there a percentage of 79 internet users that say they have a YouTube account. 

Ever since YouTube was created by three former Paypal employees, the growth of it increases over the years. For US$1.65 billion, Google bought YouTube in 2006 while now, the latter operates as one of the subsidiaries of Google. Since its creation, its goal is to provide fast and easy video access to all YouTube users, and the ability to share videos easily. Everyone knows that the YouTube platform is continuously growing, and it all thanks to many things that contributed to its success today. The reason why YouTube remains as number one is because of how easy it is to access it. It’s easy to get started and even share your content with a large audience.

3.YouTube Speaks Your Language

The platform is available to different 80 languages. According to YouTube, this covers over 95% of the internet population. As a marketer, this is a bigger opportunity to consider your marketing efforts based on your target audience, with the possibility to reach audiences in 80 different languages. 

4. YouTube Usage by Generation

YouTube is the most used social network in Millenials in both UK and US markets. This shows the preference of visual content among other types. It is also surprising as the same study shows the over 51% of elderly people (over the age of 75) are using the internet in watching videos on YouTube. 

This helps marketers as they understand the usage of YouTube based on age group, they can also understand if their target market is present on the said platform or not.

5. People Enjoy Watching Videos on YouTube Everyday

Youtube has users who watch one billion hours of videos every day that accumulated billions of views. This is a good platform for marketers to do advertising and gain visibility from everyone.

6. Importance of YouTube for Businesses

As video content is becoming important nowadays, more and more businesses are turning to video. Over 62% of businesses use Youtube to post their video content. YouTube becomes the second most popular channel for businesses to share their videos, aside from Facebook, securing the first place. 

More businesses in recent years had started to utilize YouTube as a channel to communicate with their customers and expose themselves to potential customers. Not only they can improve their brand’s visibility but at the same time, they can communicate with their market and receive feedback from them.

7. YouTube Users Prefer Mobile over Desktop

YouTube users spend more time using mobile every single day. According to YouTube, this year, more than 70% of users watch time comes from mobile devices. 

Every business should not ignore the huge potential that mobile has to offer to the brand’s visibility. Businesses should understand how can they improve the mobile experience for the viewers. Content creators need to keep an eye on the statistics for YouTube and data for mobile viewers. In doing so, you can use Comscore for the analytical task. This enhances mobile video reporting for YouTube and its Partner Channel across its core audience measurement services.

8. People Discover New Products on YouTube

Video is a very powerful tool in marketing. According to Thinkwithgoogle, over 90% of people say that they discover new brands on YouTube. Although this doesn’t necessarily convince viewers to buy the product, it does get the message across to the audience. Every day, consumers rely on video content, and this is extremely valuable information to marketers.

The new product will find an opportunity to gain visibility among people as YouTube can help popularize it. For marketers, to increase exposure make sure to make a video of that product showcasing its benefits. In doing this, you need to make it more creatively. The more your content is creative, it will surely get your audience’s attention. Make sure that the video you created empowers people to take action. 

9. Every day over 720,000 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube 

According to Tubefilter, over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide. That is equal to 500 hours of video uploaded per hour and 720,000 hours of video uploaded every day. To put simply, it will take viewers to watch all the videos on YouTube.

With this, businesses can’t afford to ignore YouTube. They will get benefit from using YouTube by building community and communicating with their customers, showing their products or advertising it on the platform.


The future of entertainment lies ahead with YouTube as it has been for a few years now. That is why every business should be aware of the vital role of YouTube statistics. Don’t overlook the power of YouTube when it comes to your marketing strategy. I hope that these 9 YouTube statistics for 2019 have helped and explained to you why your brands should invest on YouTube ad how you can make sure you’re making use of your resources wisely.